Corporate insurance against Covid-19

The best way of caring concern and financial protection of the team. Indemnification is from the moment of getting the positive test results to Covid-19.



New cases






Fatal cases

Covid - 19

STOP-COVID Corporate insurance program

Insurance terms:

  • Groups of 10 people or more are accepted for insurance;
  • Sum insured under contract – UAH 100,000;
  • Contract duration – 6 months or 1 year;
  • There is no franchise under the contract;
  • The age of the insured person is 0-59 years.

Insurance indemnity limits:

  • If a virus is detected – UAH 2,500.
  • If the disease has led to pneumonia, with hospitalization – UAH 9,000.
  • If the treatment was carried out in intensive care – UAH 40,000.
  • Fatal case – UAH 100,000.

IMPORTANT !!! proof of Covid-19 infection is a positive test result from a certified laboratory.

The cost:
1) UAH 865 for 6 months
2) UAH 1,585 for 1 year

Covid-19 (FAQs)


1. Where to turn if your Covid-19 confirmed?

Please, inform the contact centre at 0 800 503 773

2. Does health insurance cover the Covid-19 test?

Yes. If the test is positive, you will be paid UAH 2,500, which will cover the costs of the test and the necessary medications.

3. How many days does it take to pay the indemnity off?

The indemnity is carried out within seven days (since the date of submission documents to the insurance company) to the client's bank account.

4. Is there a program for individuals?

There is such a program, you can purchase the insurance at the link above.


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